Well then!

After jumping on the bandwagon that was myspace back in 2005, shortly followed by facebook and most recently twitter (The latter only having had a couple of posts in about a year), I seem to have found myself intertwined in the phenomenon that is ‘blogging’ (Something until only recently I thought was a type of tree surgery, no kidding, well, yes, I’m not that backward). So here I am, and to whosoever finds it fascinating enough to delve into my online mind that isn’t put down in 140 characters or less or preceded with the word ‘is’, I welcome you with open arms.

So I suppose a little bit about me wouldn’t be a bad idea in this first post; I’m a professional actor who graduated from the comfort that was drama school (LIPA) in 2006. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people in some pretty neat shows (My stage name is Gavin Harrison, I’m sure you’ll be able to find my CV online somewhere if you’re really interested). Other than acting though, I love to write and take photos. I have written a few shows that have been produced in and around London and the UK and have shot a few short films through my production company.

Back in January 2011, I started up ‘GCH Photography’ ( where I specialise in taking headshots, voice reels and showreels for actors. With experience in Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication, I decided to incorporate them into my method in taking headshots to help generate confidence and obtain a more natural look in headshots. I had to find a ‘niche’ in this very competitive market. Because I like niches. They go well with broccoli.

Anyway, that’s the ‘professional’ me out of the way. Now for the fun. Let the Blogging begin!



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