What’s in a name?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took me to actually come up with a name for this blog. For days I sat at the ‘wordpress’ home page, looking at the empty box that demanded I write in a username. I mean, I didn’t sit there all the time. I had to eat. Needless to say I ended up throwing in any old phrase that somebody else in the world hadn’t already thought of or ‘reserved’ (Seriously, how can you ‘reserve’ a blog name? Do you call up in advance? “And while you’re at it, make sure I’m not placed next to a family page”. Snob)

So here is my blog name. Something I came up with after dropping the earlier name of ‘worldofcoops’. (I was desperate to move on from the home page). I think ‘Dodged a Bullet Point’ is quirky enough to last about a month. I’ll try to work on a logo once I get bored of it.

I wonder how long it took everybody else on here?


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