More small worlds…

I’ve had a look through some more photos I took whilst in LA last year, and have applied some more Tilt/Shift effects on them. The first is an image taken on the way up to the Getty Centre in LA. If you ever travel to LA, I strongly recommend a trip to the Getty Centre, its collection of art, sculpture, gardens, wildlife and some of the most amazing views of LA, Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean and Snow capped mountains, are breath taking.

Here is a ‘Before’ image:


And after…


The Tilt/Shift effect really gives this image the ‘Model Village’ look. By just adding a lens blur to the top and bottom of the image, adjusting the curves a touch and adding a little more saturation, you can really transform an image to give it an entirely different aspect.

Here are a few more shots taken around the Getty Centre and Hollywood Boulevard:


The Getty Centre lake and waterfall.


Overlooking parts of Hollywood and Culver City.


I love the angle of this shot. It makes it look like we’re peering down in a box.


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