LSF One page Screenplay competition

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, that’s not to say nothing has been going on, though. I’ve had quite a busy month with writing a number of scripts and a few photography and film making jobs. My one act play ‘Sometimes looking up isn’t good for your health’ was produced at ‘The Space’ theatre and has also been shortlisted in the Australian short play festival ‘Short and Sweet’.
Also, just this week, my one page entry for the LSF Scriptwriting competition was added to the long list (39 scripts chosen out of 241). The brief was simple yet a challenging; to write a screenplay about the London riots in just one page. I wrote the script the same night I discovered the competition and entered it the next morning. I like writing when an idea is fresh, ‘Sometimes looking up…’ was written as part of the 24 hour play challenge and has so far been produced 3 times already and it’s 4th will hopefully be produced in Brisbane, I wrote it in 4 hours and it’s become the most produced script I’ve written so far!!!

Anyway, unfortunately my entry, (titled ‘Choice’) for the LSF didn’t get any further than the long list this time around, in the tradition of the other writers who entered though, I thought I’d share my script here so you can have a read. I hope you like it and please leave any comments, I’d love any feedback you can give!



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