The Collosseum

Whilst in Rome, it’s unavoidable to pay a visit to the Collosseum. I started taking photos of it even before we landed! This small collection was taken from my iphone. I used my Canon DSLR too, but I’ve still got to go through those photos (There are a LOT), that’s the great thing about iphoneography; mobile editing. I went through these images in a cafe just after taking them. It meant my memory of the place was still fresh and the grandeur of the building was still on my mind. I think this can have an effect when it comes to editing. Either way, what a place!

The Collosseum

A striking image of the collosseum

Sun and sights

Rome from above

Taken in the skies above Rome. I managed to frame the Colosseum near the centre.

Under the stage

The labyrinth of corridors that were hidden under the grand stage

A Gladiators view

What it might have looked like for some...

Crucifix at the Colosseum

I love the clouds, they really give this image its impact.


6 responses to “The Collosseum

  1. I am, too, discovering the joys and wonders of phone photography. though mine is an Android. The second photo from the bottoms is compositionaly my favorite and more intriguing. No matter how often or how many photos one sees of the Colloseum it is ominous experience, Thanks for sharing.

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