More perspectives

Here are a few more perspective images taken over the past couple of months. I love getting perspective down streets either with rows of trees, houses, cars or people.

Street in Rome

Rome was full of streets like this. So full of colour and history.

Rome Underground

A station in the Roman underground


This was taken near the Spanish Steps

London Bridge Station

London Bridge has lots of archways like this, I waited until it was (rarely) empty to take this shot. I was quite lucky as it was lunchtime too!

Snowy Suburbia

Taken a couple of weeks ago during our brief yet memorable snow fall.


Snow settling outside my house.

Southwark tunnel

Taken near London Bridge Station


Dramatic Sunset

I took this at 7am on my way to work in December. The sun was just rising and this street caught my attention and made me stop dead in my tracks. I had to take this shot quickly as a car was waiting for me to finish crossing the road!

Barbican Tunnel

Taken underneath the Barbican Centre.

London Underground

Taken before the morning rush hour! It feels like it could be a good album cover.

London Eye

Taken right underneath the London Eye. I still haven't been on it!


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