Rehearsal photos in Sydney

This week, my short play ‘Sometimes Looking up isn’t good for your health’, is being performed at the sidetrack theatre in Sydney. I originally wrote it as part of the 24 hour play challenge, where I chose 4 actors out of 30, put in a small hotel room at midnight and at 6am I had to give the producers a short play which had to include props that those actors had supplied and would rehearse that day, then perform it that night to a full house.

No pressure then.

Actually, it was one of the easiest writing experiences I have ever had. I finished writing it at 4am and spent the next 2 hours emailing everyone in my inbox apologising for the spam email that was sent by “me” that night. Don’t get me wrong, the whole process was absolutely crazy and I made an hourly video blog (Perhaps I’ll post it one day) showing my descent into sleep deprivation and madness, something which clearly came out in the script in the latter pages, giving it it’s unique twist.

Since that day, ‘Sometimes looking up…’ has been produced by two other theatre companies in London and is just about to have it’s Australian premier in Sydney as part of the ‘Short and Sweet’ festival. If you’re in that neck of the woods, pop on down to the Sidetrack theatre or check out the details here. Anyway, the director, the very talented Amy Parry, had her photographer friend, Tina, in to shoot a rehearsal. Unfortunately I can’t be there to see the play, but I was so happy to see these photos. They really capture the script and for me, it produced the essence of a rehearsal. I grabbed these photos off the site so all copyright is credited to Tina Piltz, check out her site here:


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