Bertie and Boo

I was commissioned by South London’s top children’s entertainers and yummy coffee shop ‘Bertie and Boo‘ to take some photos of their new coffee shop ‘Adventure Island’, in Balham. I’m going to add them to my professional online portfolio but I thought I’d also put some of the shots up on here.

It’s a great place for parents to go and chill whilst their kids go wild. It’s a massive coffee shop with a soft play area and the Bertie and Boo TV shows playing on loop. When you first walk in, you are face to face with a massive ship wreck (with hidden treasure inside). They also have great illustrations scattered around the cafe and a cute brochure, designed by illustrator Ami-Lou Sharpe (Check out her illustrations, they’re awesome!)

They now have 2 coffee shops in Balham, both have a very quirky and unique look which children (and grown-ups) love. I found out they also do magical childrens parties too!

And I thought I was busy!

If you’re in Balham, check them out. They have great music, great coffee, and now a nice portfolio of images to advertise with 🙂


2 responses to “Bertie and Boo

  1. Hello, I’m an Adventure Island regular and really wanted to do a post on my blog about the place ( I wondered if you would mind me using some of your pictures rather than taking rubbishy ones of my own on my phone! If you’d rather I didn’t, don’t worry, I can contact them directly for some. Thanks, Lucy x

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