Starry starry night

During my time in France, I was lucky enough to stay somewhere that didn’t suffer from light pollution, on this particular night, I looked up and saw more stars than I had ever seen in my whole life. Needless to say I quickly grabbed my camera and headed out to the field. It was pretty difficult at first, seeing as I didn’t have a tripod and I couldn’t see where I was going (I didn’t think to grab a torch so I had to rely on my camera screen to help) After a few attempts I thought I’d nip back in and see what I captured. I wasn’t disappointed.

I had my camera on a 30 second exposure and raised the exposure a bit more afterward in photoshop. I also sharpened the images and raised the saturation to show the multitude of colours in the stars. I wanted to get a time lapse image of the stars, but needed a bit more of a set up.

Next time I’m out there, I’ll take my tripod!

The image of the moon was taken earlier in the evening, equally as impressive.


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