Royal Photography

After our stint on the London Eye today (Images to follow), we thought we’d take a walk and see if we could catch some of the celebrations in town. I didn’t think we’d be able to get to the front to see the Royal Family travel from St Pauls back to Buckingham Palace. So, camera at the ready, we waited…

We weren’t sure how long to wait though. It’s not like on TV where you get to hear the commentator, so we had to listen to the crowd and when we heard cheers, we got ready!

First up were Prince Charles, Camilla and Harry.

…Followed by William and Kate…

The crowd were loving every moment.

Then the Queen arrived to very loud cheers!

She seemed to be enjoying it too…

The car drove past pretty fast so I had to act quickly!

The Queens iconic wave.

Even certain police officers wanted to catch some of the action.


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