London in HDR

One of the things about living in London is that I haven’t been to many of the tourist attractions. Living here, I think I can go at any time, so ironically, I don’t.

The other day, Ami said we should go up the London Eye as it was on both of our London ‘Bucket lists’, being a double bank holiday, we though what the hell and booked it for the following morning (Just before we saw the queen, see previous post!).

I’m so glad we did go as I went ready armed with a clear memory card, full batteries and a plethora of lenses to capture London in as many ways as possible. I took every photo in RAW and as an HDR so I can have plenty of images to manipulate afterward. To start with, I’ve made a few HDR photos from our revolution on the London Eye. I hope you enjoy.

These images are watermarked as I’m going to be selling them as stock images and as prints, if you’re interested in any of them just let me know.


A pod overlooking East London

The Shard dominating the London Skyline



Overlooking the Houses of Parliament


The London Eye from Ground Level.


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