Touring Shakespeare

I’ve been a bit quiet on here these past few weeks, it’s not because I’ve forgotten, I’ve been in rehearsals for a uk tour of The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare. I’m touring with the popular and well established company; Oddsocks Productions, to outdoor venues across the UK. The show is very fast paced with modern music, physical comedy and plenty of silly moments. We’ve performed at some amazing venues already and as the audience bring picnics and drinks as they watch the show (our set is a giant traditional cart), there is a great atmosphere and guaranteed laughs throughout.

We’re now in our 3rd week and I thought I’d start sharing the photos I’ve been taking and tweeting. This first batch were taken on my iPhone and edited through snapseed and photoshop touch on the phone. I’ll add photos taken from my DSLR soon. 1003097_10151483208876301_1323852597_n 1017607_10151483209021301_1389927939_n 1040436_10151483209076301_1882147458_o 1052418_10151483209156301_219385842_o 998332_10151483209266301_300297071_n 1010249_10151483209346301_734854786_n 1048772_10151483062696301_693835288_o Photo34 Photo27



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