Engadget feature

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by the European Editor of engadget.com as a feature for his special on street photography. A number of my images were featured on the site and during the filmed interview and the article has just been published online.

You can catch the feature here: http://www.engadget.com/2013/12/01/street-photography-gavin-harrison/

Here’s one of my featured photos:



4 responses to “Engadget feature

  1. ha cool!
    in my blog i do phone photography too, from the oldest Treo 650, then HTC Hero, then varied between HTC Radar and Blackberry Z10, and the latest neXus 4.

    but i never do an iPhone 😉

  2. Nice feature Gavin! Particularly amused by the comments below the article. The usual mix of people unwilling to embrace images taken with a phone and ‘proper’ camera die hards. As a London based street photographer who uses an iPhone to capture shots I was pleased to see you conclude the trilogy.

    • Thank you Rob! I know what you mean, there will always be those who think the only real photo is one that is developed and unedited. As a DSLR user too, I like any sort of photography, I just love the instant use of iphone editing and I love playing with filters. They are there to be used and photography is an ever evolving art. There is no right or wrong way. I really love your photos and I’m thrilled that you like the feature, keep in touch!

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