Over the years I wrote a lot of poetry and kept it in a collection of books. It’s an eclectic mix from metaphysical to children’s comedy and one day soon I’ll type them all up and ask my agent to send to publishers. In the meantime, I thought I’d type up one of the poems that I found in my suitcase (I’m in the states at the moment) that was left there from an earlier move.

By Gavin Harrison

Sometime later,
When the world is void of life
And all alone,
She’ll think about a time
When she had friends
Who called her ‘Home’.
She remembers every life-form
Who once lived upon her skin,
She’ll look back at every moment;
Every loss and every win,
All the music, all the silence,
All the love and all the hate
She’ll have time to see it all,
For all she can do is wait.
So when she gets around to your life
Give her something nice to see.
Let her know that it was worth it.
One last happy memory.


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