So, class, what have we learnt?

A small break from photography to write some thoughts and share the below video.

100 years ago TODAY, World War One started.


The phrase “We will remember them” doesn’t just mean that we will give thanks for the sacrifice they made. But that we, as a generation, as a race of species on this fragile planet, will do whatever we can to ensure it never happens again.

It is our responsibility as the caretakers of Earth to do exactly that; to take care of it, and each other.

Whatever differences we have, whatever point of view that isn’t being understood, whatever misconception, misquote or misrepresentation of an ideology or belief, we should, based on our past mistakes at the very least, find a way to coexist, not to fight.

We have had 100 years of modern understanding to find another way.

Killing each other, killing innocent civilians…

…Killing children…

…is not, nor has ever been, the answer.

We are living in an age where information is available instantly, anywhere. This is an unprecedented time that has never happened in the history of mankind.


We are able to share videos, news articles and points of view from both sides to increase our global understanding of our varied cultures, beliefs and politics. Once an understanding is in place, there is no need for any conflict.

Yet we still fight each other like it’s 1914.

But what can I do? I’m thousands of miles away in front of my computer

You have the best weapon for peace right in front of you. You have the ability to share information, educate other people, spread knowledge worldwide and contribute towards a new age of peace and understanding.

We can finally move on from our medieval way of thinking; where we have trapped our egos for so long. We can finally move away from war and focus on the things that really matter. We can finally catch up with where we are meant to be and move to where we are destined to head.

What that destiny is, is up to you.

And it all starts from the click of a button.

Do your part. Share the videos…

…Remember them correctly.


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