Low-poly mobile art

Hey everyone. 

I’ve been off the radar over the past few months as I’ve been touring different shows, plus I was waiting to buy a new iPhone so I could restart this blog with a more up-to-date handset, considering I’m posting more mobile photography and art, it’s only fair to have a phone that is up to the job! 

I bought an iPhone 6 a few weeks ago and after spending a while playing around with some really cool apps, I’ve discovered a new way to create Low-poly art. I have uploaded a number of images created on my MacBook Pro using Photoshop and illustrator to edit vectors and uploaded them through Twitter and on my redbubble site. Now, however, it looks like I can create and edit some fun pieces straight through my phone! 

Check out two images below of Iron man and R2-D2. 

For those of you wanting more mobile photography, don’t worry, I’ll be creating and uploading them soon and will give step by step guides to what I used to edit them. 

It’s good to be back 🙂



3 responses to “Low-poly mobile art

    • Hey Tracy! For photography I use photoshop touch and snapseed, for these sorts of images I use an app called polygen and edit the vectors in an app called vectornator. I’m still getting to grips with them but they’re fun to learn! Nice move to wait for the 6s, I couldn’t wait as my 4s was falling apart!

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