Brick Lane to Picadilly Circus

I’m currently directing a play in London this week, and after rehearsals I went to see a friend in the west end. As I had a couple of hours free before we met, I thought it’d be nice to walk from rehearsals in Brick Lane, to Picadilly Circus where we were meeting. 

The walk gave me a chance to try out my new anamorphic lens adapter for a few shots, using it for standard widescreen shots but also in panaromic mode, which gave much more height to these wide images. 

I walked all around Brick Lane and the surrounding area, taking in the graffiti and street art that has become a natural part of this vibrant area. Walls, doorways and window ledges are home to some great characters, sayings, messages of love and everything in between. 



After brick lane, I made my way towards the Tower of London, one of the most amazing things I always notice when I’m in London is the mix of old and new; churches that have stood for a couple of hundred years are overshadowed by sky scrapers and tower blocks. One in particular makes you feel like it is literally looking down on you. 

I eventually got to the Tower of London, where I took some nice shots at the Thames, a storm cloud was approaching, so I didn’t have much time before it started to rain pretty hard (I managed to find a cafe to take shelter)


The rest of the walk took me past St. Paul’s cathedral, down the Strand, Trafalgar Square and up to Picadilly circus. I managed to fit the walk in just under 2 hours with 20 minutes to spare before my friend showed up. Needless to say, the tube journey home was taken up with editing on Snapseed. Luckily I had my charger with me!


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