Coast to post

This afternoon, I took a walk along the beach in Littlehampton, West Sussex. There was wonderful sunshine everywhere but when I drove to the coast, thick fog hit. Which always makes anywhere look like a spooky film set.  A quick post edit through snapseed on my iPhone really makes these photos stand out. 

I love the summetry of the above photo. I managed to capture two people on either side. For some reason the light was brighter on the left so with a bit of editing I highlighted that. I think it’s pretty symbolic. 

I loved the colours in this. The blue and the green really stood out to me. 

I had to make this look like a photo taken 100 years ago. The fog and the building in the background just asked for it. Again, I love symmetry and the cycle path making that divide made this photo somewhat heavy on one side. But I love that. The clarity of the left with the buildings, people and containers on the right. 

One response to “Coast to post

  1. the see-saw, metaphorical but so rare to witness such a thing, very much envious of the picture and also far more grateful that you framed it so we can see it.

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