Trump is president. Pay attention to this moment

Are you paying attention? 

What are you feeling right now? What are you thinking right now? 

Remember this feeling. 

Once again, we are about to enter a dark time in human history, one that we thought we had evolved from. But it seems like we hadn’t. 

Because we weren’t paying attention. 

It was Edmund Burke who said: 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

If you see someone being discriminated, abused, bullied or frightened; sexually, racially, for their beliefs or their sexuality, for their ability or disability, for their age or their youth, for any reason that you know, deep down, is unfair, unjust and simply inhuman, then stand up. 

Stand up and let those who are not paying attention know that you will not tolerate it. You will not tolerate hatred. You will not tolerate fear and anger. 

Seek compassion, love, empathy and peace. For that is what makes us human NOW. We used to live in fear. We used to thrive in hatred. 

But we don’t anymore. 

More and more of us are waking up and seeing how life should be. How do I know? Because right now, we are mourning a loss, a loss of decency and humanity on such an unprecedented scale. 

We are feeling it right now. Hold on to that. Remember how this feels when bigotry triumphs. 

Pay attention to this moment. 

For that is the only way we can escape the perpetual cycle of our old humanity. 

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